No In-App
Purchases Ever!!!

Buy it once, and it's yours to play as much as you want!!! If you want to purchase upgrades, play more and earn more gold!

No Internet

Play anytime & anywhere... No WiFi or even 3G required!

Game Center

Challenge friends, earn achievements and show off your skill in the Pit!

Fast Paced
Arcade Action

Using multi-touch you control the game with your fingers! Be quick, be accurate & protect the world!


Earn gold by completing nights and spend that gold to upgrade weapons & purchase bonuses.

Play on any

Universal HD app, play on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod Touch, iPad Mini & iPads!

What is The Pit?

The Pit - Drop Dead, is a fast-paced arcade style game where you must stop the hordes of monsters from getting to the top of the pit. You have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal that you can drop on the monsters to knock them back down to the depths. Defeat monsters and survive each night to earn gold that you can spend to upgrade your arsenal, buy special weapons & purchase bonuses to ensure your victory.

With each night that passes, new and more powerful monsters will try to get out. It’s your job to stop them!!! Are you strong enough to take on The Pit!!!

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